Email hacking

Has your email address been hacked? This is what you need to do now:

Change password

  • Change the password of the account in question.
  • Also change the password wherever you use the same email or password combination, e.g. for online accounts, social media accounts, online shop logins etc.

Password security

  • Create secure passwords – a separate one for each account.
  • It should contain upper and lower case letters, special characters and numbers; it shouldn’t allow you to be identified as a person (i.e. no date of birth, name of pet, maiden name etc.). A password manager can help you with this.

Monitor your accounts in the coming weeks

  • Are you suddenly receiving emails with strange content from senders who are unknown to you? If so, please don’t open any links and mark these emails as spam.
  • Accounts on other platforms, websites or with online shops with the same email/password combination can also be affected. Your social media accounts are also at risk and may be hacked to access more data.

Loss of money

In some cases, a hacked email account can result in financial loss. You should therefore monitor your credit card statements in the coming months and verify every transaction. Report any discrepancies to your credit card provider and have your card blocked if you’re in any doubt.

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