Online shopping – Fake Shop

Have you been taken in by a fake shop? In most cases, the shop owner can’t be found and your money has disappeared. To protect your other accounts, you can do the following: 

Secure your online accounts

Change password

  • Change the password of the account in question.
  • Also change the password wherever you use the same email or password combination, e.g. for online accounts, social media accounts, online shop logins etc.

Password security

  • Create secure passwords – a separate one for each account.
  • It should contain upper and lower case letters, special characters and numbers; it shouldn’t allow you to be identified as a person (i.e. no date of birth, name of pet, maiden name etc.). A password manager can help you with this.

Monitor your accounts in the coming weeks

  • Are you suddenly receiving emails with strange content from senders who are unknown to you? If so, please don’t open any links and mark these emails as spam.
  • Accounts on other platforms, websites or with online shops with the same email/password combination can also be affected. Your social media accounts are also at risk and may be hacked to access more data.

Prevention for future purchases

  • Check whether the website address is identical to the name of the shop.
  • If the prices are much too good, alarm bells should be ringing.
  • Look for the name of the online shop in a search engine – online forums often give warnings about dubious shops.
  • Be wary if payment is only possible in advance or via transfer.
  • Check whether there’s a full site notice.

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