Online shopping – Damaged delivery

It’s often the case that ordered goods arrive at the customer damaged. If this happens to you, here’s what you can do:

Contact the shop

  • Take photos of the damage to the product you ordered and email the shop.
  • Specify a date by which you would like replacement goods to be sent.

No delivery received

  • Ask for the amount of the damaged goods to be refunded.
  • In Switzerland you can start debt collection proceedings, but this involves time and money.

Prevention for future purchases

  • Check whether the website address is identical to the name of the shop.
  • If the prices are much too good, alarm bells should be ringing.
  • Look for the name of the online shop in a search engine – online forums often give warnings about dubious shops.
  • Be wary if payment is only possible in advance or via transfer.
  • Check whether there’s a full site notice.

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